March 28, 2013


An innovative approach to polished concrete

Vermont couple applies today’s technology to a traditional material for sustainable results

A desire to change the way the world views concrete as a building material led Nathan and Melanie Christner to launch MergeCrete, LLC.

By blending contemporary products with the timeless durability of concrete, they produce a new aesthetic that’s also easy on the environment.

Polished Concrete Flooring and Architectural Precast

The company specializes in polished concrete including concrete overlays that can be poured and polished over existing concrete or wood floors, making them more durable and beautiful. This same technology is applied in their architectural precast work.

“MergeCrete represents an innovative use of concrete in the light of our ecological condition,” explains Nathan. “We’re using well designed concrete, not necessarily in greater quantity but with more mindfulness.”

Nathan and Melanie Christner

The Christner Family

Concrete expertise

Nathan brings 17 years of experience in the concrete industry to the venture. As vice president of a full service concrete placement and finishing company in Michigan, he oversaw polishing operations and was in charge of cementitious overlays, structural foundations and flatwork.

The family then moved to Connecticut where Nathan became president of a leading company in the decorative concrete industry.

The natural beauty and their dream of an outdoor lifestyle drew them to Vermont. “It seemed like a wholesome place to raise our four children and establish our own polished concrete and architectural precast business,” says Melanie.

Nathan is very knowledgeable about polishing and concrete in general. He is thoughtful and communicates well with contractors and the owners. I hope to work together again in the future.


Serving the Northeast

From their New England headquarters, MergeCrete works with commercial and residential clients in the northeast. They serve Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as New Jersey.

MergeCrete is committed to bringing the highest level of professionalism and creativity to every project. Their polished concrete floors are ideal for all types of facilities including automobile showrooms, convention centers, commercial buildings, schools, health care facilities, retail stores and residences.

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MergeCrete is certified by the International Polished Concrete Institute.