January 28, 2014

Oh, The Things You Can Do With Concrete

Polished Concrete for commercial, industrial and residential applications


Please don’t try this at home.

Polished concrete, MergeCrete’s specialty, is achieved by using large planetary concrete grinders in a multi-step process with industrial diamond tooling, much the same way that some stone floors are finished but on a larger scale.

It is is not achieved with topical sealers and coatings or by burnishing wet concrete with a trowel.

Residential Use

blog-residentialPolished Concrete is a uniquely beautiful canvas for home décor because:

  • It’s seamless and incredibly easy to clean
  • It’s allergen free!
  • You can select any color and sheen, with NO VOCs

Polished Concrete in Retail

cream-finishHigh light reflectivity and durability has made polished concrete a go-to floor solution in retail stores and restaurants across the country.

  • Clarity of shine and superior light reflectivity reduce the amount of required lighting.
  • The maintenance protocol doesn’t call for wax and toxic strippers commonly used with VCT (vinyl composite tile) floors. 

Industrial Concrete Polishing

blog-industrialUnless corrosive contaminates are present, polished concrete is the most cost effective solution for industrial applications. No topical sealers are used with polished concrete, so with proper maintenance it holds up well to forklifts, foot traffic and wheeled carts.

Facilities do not need to be shut down during installation, and there are no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Polishable Concrete Overlays

polishable-overlayPolished Concrete overlays can turn damaged or severely worn concrete into true works of art.

Learn more about our Polished Overlay Finish.

Architectural Concrete Precast

blog-precastFrom exterior facades to interior pieces such as mantels and kitchen countertops, MergeCrete creates artful concrete elements.

By using fabric forming processes the texture, shapes and designs are unlimited.

Epoxy Coatings

expoxyWhen a cost effective floor solution is needed but the surface of the concrete is too damaged to polish, we utilize epoxy coatings to achieve the results you want.

Learn more about our Epoxy Coating finishes.

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