January 18, 2014

Defining the “Merge” in MergeCrete


The reason I chose MergeCrete as the name of my company was to have a constant reminder of my mission: to move concrete in a more sustainable direction.

One of my intentions is to find ways to use less concrete. It’s been said concrete is the 2nd most used substance of any kind by civilization – not just within construction. The problem with all this concrete is that it has created ecological problems on a few fronts. Through smart design and more thoughtful usage I believe we can reap the all the wonderful benefits of concrete while using less of it.

To that end, I use cement replacements and recycled material whenever possible. Portland Cement is the ingredient which raises concrete’s carbon footprint dramatically. Within the world of Architectural Precast much energy has been put into cement replacements. An example of this are pozzolans (volcanic ash) which can reduce the amount of cement needed and increase the potential of the concrete.

To learn more about how polished concrete is inherently green, follow this link to learn why quite often it is the wise choice: Creating A More Beautiful World

Merging Science and Art

Within the engineering of concrete there is a good amount of chemistry and physics at work. Using this material as an exposed concrete floor, for example, plays on its ability to be used artfully. Or, as we like to say, concrete has great design flexibility, thus making it available to both science and art.

Merging of the Traditional and Modern

Concrete has a long and fascinating history. It’s a material that has been changing and reformulated since its ancient inception. Modern concrete as a design element is making its way into both traditional and modern residences as well as commercial and retail developments. MergeCrete has completed projects in timber frame homes, passive solar homes (which use exposed concrete floors as a solar bank) as well as contemporary homes, offices and schools. This is a prime example of a traditional material that has been modified by modern chemistry and refined with innovative tooling and technology.

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