March 28, 2013

Polished Concrete

From flooring to facades: Exploring the creative possibilities of Polished Concrete

MergeCrete brings concrete out of hiding.

Concrete is no longer the drab, dusty grey flooring that was once relegated to the basement, or a slab to be covered with tile, highly processed wood, carpet or vinyl.

Our Polished Concrete gives floors, counter tops and architectural elements a whole new aesthetic, while capitalizing on the inherent durability of the material.

Timeless Beauty, Unmatched Durability

MergeCrete has mastered a technique for bringing concrete to life. Our unique process blends up-to- the-minute technology with the highest industry standards … then goes a step farther to create functional, well-designed floors. The result is polished concrete with the highest level of beauty and durability in the industry.

I would definitely hire MergeCrete again as their work not only showed a lot of care and attention to detail, their communication throughout the process demonstrates a good work ethic and it was a pleasure to work with them.


A range of Polished Concrete finishes

We offer a variety of finishes to satisfy every taste, every budget. Scratch and stain-resistant, they’re ideal for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. No waxing or stripping with hazardous chemicals is needed to maintain the high gloss finish. And, since we don’t use topical sealers, you never have the feeling of walking on a layer of plastic.

Cream Finish

cream-finish2This finish is characterized as having movement and mottling, and the addition of penetrating dye colors creates even more character. Densifiers formulated to your floor harden the surface to increase abrasion/scratch resistance, eliminate dusting and lock in dye colors. Once this multistep process has been completed, we apply a water based sub-surface stain resistor. The sheen level of this finish can range from matte to high gloss. With a proper maintenance protocol, this is a very cost effective floor solution for commercial, retail and industrial applications. SEE EXAMPLES 

Fine Sands Finish

2A favorite of our polished concrete clients, this is a great flooring material for residential, retail and commercial applications. By mechanically grinding off the surface of the concrete we dramatically increase the clarity of the shine. This process exposes fine sands and small pieces of the aggregate integral to the concrete mix. Quite often this finish is chosen when the concrete has not been troweled to ACI specifications, in which case we utilize MergeCrete’s floor grouting protocol. Penetrating dye colors may be applied to this finish see dye chart and final sheen may vary from matte to high gloss. SEE EXAMPLES 

Exposed Aggregate

exposed-agg3By exposing stone and large rock in the concrete we create a finish that’s incredibly beautiful and durable. MergeCrete utilizes both concrete shaving and concrete grinding technology in order to cost effectively expose the aggregate without damaging the cement cream surrounding the stone. Our advanced technology exposes the aggregate and the surrounding cement at the same level creating a smooth surface with long-lasting shine. This finish can also be colored providing multiple design options for residential and high-end commercial projects. SEE EXAMPLES 

Polishable Overlay Finish

polishable-overlay2This finish is preferred for its high design capability or when the existing concrete is too difficult to polish. For example, in a remodel project where the floor has trenches cut into it for plumbing. Our Polishable Overlay Finish is a cementitious polymer modified material that is usually poured 3/8” to 1/2” thick over preexisting concrete, or in some cases wood. With an appropriate maintenance protocol, it can be mechanically polished or sealed. This finish may be integrally or topically colored — it can even be white! When colored and polished, the shine and clarity are second to none. SEE EXAMPLES 

Architectural Precast

blog-precastComing soon!


Epoxy Coatings

expoxyWhen the surface of the concrete is too damaged to polish, yet a cost effective floor solution is needed, MergeCrete utilizes commercial grade coatings. To ensure a proper bond of the concrete to the coating, we mechanically prepare the surface using both shot blasting and grinding processes. An aggressive maintenance protocol must be followed in order to sustain the appearance of your coated concrete floor. SEE EXAMPLES 

Download the Color Chart (pdf)

Intrinsically Green

At MergeCrete, we’re very mindful of the impact of building materials on the environment. Our polished concrete eliminates the need for carpets or coatings that are manufactured with toxic chemicals and may one day end up in the land fill. With proper maintenance your MergeCrete floor will provide a lifetime of pleasure without harming the planet.

Look to MergeCrete for…

  • Polished Concrete floors & overlays
  • Concrete countertops
  • Architectural elements
  • Concrete restoration
  • Surface preparation
  • Stone & terrazo polishing & restoration
  • GFRC architectural concrete components
  • Colored and sealed concrete

Need a consultant for your concrete project?

Nathan Christner, MergeCrete’s founder, is available to teach your crew proper systems management and techniques. For more information, contact Nathan.

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